Enterotoxaemia is characterised by inflammation of the caecum ( and sometimes other parts of the intestinal tract. The contents of the caecum are liquid and haemorrhagic

Small intestinal tympany

If the small intestine becomes occluded by a foreign body (often a pellet of compressed fur, yellow arrow), the stomach (white arrow) and small intestine that is proximal to the obstruction (turquoise arrow) become dilated and tympanitic and the intestine that is distal to the obstruction is collapsed and empty.

Gastric dilation

Gastric dilation is a feature of intestinal obstruction. The stomach can be grossly distended with gas and fluid so it becomes inflamed


Occasionally rabbits may be infected with Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. During life, it causes vague clinical signs of anorexia and weight loss. At post-mortem examination , numerous white foci can be observed on the intestine, especially in the appendix ( white arrow) and sacculus rotundus (yellow arrow). Foci may also be seen in the spleen.