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Biological data

Life Span:   8-15 years

Urine Volume:  50-75mls/kg/24hours

Water Intake : 50-100mls/kg/24hours

NB: Water intake and urine volume depend on the amount of water in the diet and environmental temperature.

Optimum Environmental Temperature: 15-20°C (65-70°F)

Rectal Temperature:   38.5-40°C (101.3-104°F)

Heart Rate:   150-300 bpm (NB: counting is only accurate <180bpm)

Respiratory Rate:   32-60 bpm

Blood pressure: Systolic: 90-130mm Hg,   Diastolic: 80-90mm Hg

Erythrocyte Life Span:  50days

Blood Volume:  55-65ml/kg

Tidal Volume:   20ml (4-6ml/kg)

Gastrointestinal transit time: 4-5 hours

Intraocular Pressure:  5-23 mm Hg