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Favourite wild plants

Red and white clover, ribwort plantain, dandelion. It is easy to fill a bag with appetising rabbit food when it grows in such profusion.

Many plants that can be found as weeds in the garden, under hedgerows, on verges or alongside footpaths can provide excellent free rabbits food. The plants are palatable, high in fibre, balanced in calcium and phosphorus and soft enough for rabbits with dental problems to eat. The moisture content is high, which is good for rabbits, especially if they have urinary tract problems.

Leaves from trees and shrubs (such as blackberries and raspberries) are also favourites with rabbits. Any fruit tree leaves are good and leaves from ash, willow and hawthorn trees are also enjoyed. 

The image shows a selection of plants that could be picked. There is young green grass, plantain, clover, dandelions and young dock leaves.  

Picking a plant that might be poisonous to rabbits is a concern for owners. If this is the case, the best policy is to find five or six plants that are easily recognised and stay with those. Below is a selection of my favourite plants to pick. Other plants that are suitable are illustrated here.

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