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Image ECMAScript program Ear mites
This photo shows the typical appearance of a rabbit's ear that is infested with ear mites (Psoroptes cuniculi). Microscopically the flakes of debris are full of motes. They can just be seen with the naked eye. The ear is very itchy and sore. Affected rabbits shake their heads repetitively.
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Image application/x-troff-ms Rabbit with potential problems
This rabbit has congenital incisor malocclusion. The upper and lower incisors will never meet or be functional. He also has a big fluffy coat that would be a problem for him to groom, even if his incisors were normal. Rabbits use their incisors like pincers to grasp dead hair and remove it from the fur. The rabbit also has spotted markings, which is linked with 'megacolon' syndrome although only a small proportion of them develop it. This rabbit is going to take a lot of care. and commitment to keep the area under his tail free from urine and uneaten caecotrophs. He will need regular grooming and trimming.
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Image Octet Stream Malignant melanoma
This is the appearance of a malignant melanoma. There is no clear edge to the lesion which is black in appearance. The tumour was very aggressive in this rabbit. He was brought for treatment because of breathing difficulties. Chest radiographs showed metastases in the lungs. The owner had not noticed the skin lesion.
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Image SIS package Myxomatosis skin lesion
Myxomatosis does not only affect the eyelids, nares and genitalia. It can cause circular crusting lesions anywhere on the body. In vaccinated or other rabbits with partial immunity, there may be solitary or multiple lesions that do not seem to worry the rabbit. This lesion is on the ear. Over a course of 4-8 weeks, these 'atypical' myxomatosis lesions will dry out and fall off. The main differential diagnoses are ringworm, a crusting skin tumour such as a melanoma, an injection reaction or an infected bite wound.
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Image Sebaceous adenitis- close view
Sebaceous adenitis causes areas of dry fur with lots of scale. The hair comes out leaving bald areas that may become infected and sore. There may be patchy areas or they can extend to most of the body. Affected areas are not pruritic. The condition is often, but not always, associated with a thymic mass.
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Image SIS package Myxomatosis in a case that recovered
This image shows a rabbit with myxomatosis. He was lucky to make a full recovery. About three weeks after the photo was taken, the lesions slowly started to dry out and drop off leaving scars on the eyelids and nose.
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Image JPEG image Myxomatosis survivor
This wild rabbit was nursed through myxomatosis. The damage to his ears was due to fighting. The necrotic scabs around his ears, eyes and nostrils were coming away.
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