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Image JPEG image Traveller's Joy
Traveller's joy or Old Man's Beard (Clematis vitalba) is a climbing plant that is a member of the buttercup family. It is found entwined around plants in hedgerows. It is listed as poisonous to humans but like many toxic plants, it is also used in herbal medicine. It's effects on rabbits are unknown. It is better left unpicked
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Image JPEG image Alexanders
Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum) or Horse parsley can be found around the coast. It is not a widespread plant and should on be picked in moderation. It is non toxic and edible for humans and should be safe for rabbits although I have no experience of it.
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Image JPEG image Mint
There are many cultivated forms of mint (Mentha sp) as well as natural species and their hybrids. Nearly all of them are scented when crushed. Mint is an easy plant to grow for rabbits. Most species of wild or culinary mints are difficult to identify accurately. This is apple mint. Rabbits will eat any variety.
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Image JPEG image Ash
Ash leaves are suitable for feeding to rabbits as part of a mixture of plants. Young shoots (as in picture) are palatable.
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Image JPEG image Ash leaves
Branches and leaves from ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) can be picked for rabbits. They are not poisonous.
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Image Young rabbit eating apple
In the autumn, many apples can fall from trees as windfalls. These are very palatable for rabbits. They will feat on them and eat the whole apple, including the pips, without ill effects. There are no confirmed reports of illness in rabbits caused by apple pips.
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Image JPEG image Apple half eaten by rabbit
Rabbits eat half an apple overnight and come back to eat the rest later.
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Image text/texmacs Free food for rabbits
Roadside verges as well as fields and gardens are a good site for picking free good quality food.
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Image Free food for rabbits
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Image PS document Rabbit in buttercups
Buttercups are on many lists of poisonous plants. They contain an irritant that can cause dermatitis in humans that handle buttercups and salivation, oral ulceration and gastrointestinal irritation in animals that eat them. Buttercups have a bitter taste and are not a problem for rabbits. They can eat small, young leaves that are growing in pastureland without ill effects. The mature leaves, tall plants and flowers unpalatable to rabbits so they do not eat them.
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