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There are several research projects projects that are underway. We are appealing for information and samples from rabbits that are suffering from Floppy Rabbit Syndrome. If you are a vet that is treating a case, please submit any excess blood that you may have taken and help us by filling in a short questionnaire. More information can be found here.

That latest addition to this section of the website is the investigation of Sudden or Unexpected Death in Pet Rabbits. Funds are available to pay for histopathology at Abbey Veterinary Services and, if indicated, PCR testing for Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease. Certain criteria will apply. More details and lab forms can be found here.

We are also interested in any worms that may be found in pet rabbits. If you are an owner of a rabbit with worms, please consider submitting a faeces sample.  More information can be found here.