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Liz Blackwell

Vets4Pets Swansea

Jenny Stanford

Liz isn't an 'exotics' vet, but both she and another vet within her practice own a number of rabbits and are very rabbit savvy and understand the complexities of rabbits as a prey species and the importance of GI management.  I saw her when I needed a pair of hands closer to home when my bunny was deteriorating with a fibrosarcoma. I took all my bunnies along to see how she interacted with them all. She gave me a lot of confidence (June 2017)

Lance Jepson


Tom Bailey

Origin Vets

Clare Bluett

I have been using Lance Jepson for around 10 years for rabbit and cannot recommend him enough. Lance was brilliant 10 years ago when my first rabbit had glaucoma. He really listens and takes time to talk to you and not down to you. He had an exotics consultancy called Origin Vets that do regular clinics at several surgeries in the South and West Wales area. You do not need to be referred and simply make an appointment with through the surgery that you are closest too. Lance is also happy to speak to your regular vet to provide advice. He has done this for my local vet in the past, prior to him expanding to a surgery closer to me. 

 I have also seen Tom Bailey, also of Origin Vets, with our bunny Uncle Peter with an atypical case of e. cuniculi a year ago. Tom was very thorough and tested for e.c. Uncle Peter survived and is thriving.  

 Both Lance and Tom see patients at Carmarthen Veterinary Centre, Carmarthen, Llysonnen Road, Carmarthen, SA31 3RS, 01267 220404

and a few others that are listed on their website, in Pembrokeshire and Swansea area. They have two other vets with Origin Vets ( ) that I haven't seen that see patients in Cardiff, Bridgend and around South Wales. (Oct 2017)


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