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Georgia Owen

Vets4Pets Camarthen

Sue Bevins

We have had numerous veterinary adventures with Nosey; our lion-head/Netherland dwarf cross, as he was attacked by a pole cat and subsequently had to have an eye removed.  He is now the ripe old age of 11 and Georgia sees him every three months for a dental check as some of his teeth have now developed spurs.
Over the years Georgia has seen and treated Nosey many times - always with kindness and confidence.
I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other rabbit owners
(June 2017).

Liz Blackwell

Vets4Pets Llanelli

Jenny Stanford

Liz isn't an 'exotics' vet, but both she and another vet within her practice own a number of rabbits and are very rabbit savvy and understand the complexities of rabbits as a prey species and the importance of GI management.  I saw her when I needed a pair of hands closer to home when my bunny was deteriorating with a fibrosarcoma. I took all my bunnies along to see how she interacted with them all. She gave me a lot of confidence (June 2017)