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Recommendations by county or city

The vets or veterinary practices that are listed only includes those that have been recommended by owners, either via my Facebook page or  E-mail. The list is updated regularly and the vets that are mentioned are contacted and asked if they are happy to be included. To add or change an entry, please Email me on Only positive recommendations are listed. 

The recommendations on the list are not endorsements from me. They are recommendations in the owner's words. Apart from correcting typos and taking out any negative comments, the only change that may have been made to the wording is in relation to 'Specialist', which is a term that is protected by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. To be a Specialist is a qualification that is hard to earn. If owners have used the term 'specialist' I have changed it to ' someone with with a special interest in' unless the vet in question is on the list of European or RCVS Recognised Specialists.

Website reconstruction

This website is currently undergoing reconstruction. It is anticipated that an updated, improved version will be up in early 2019