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Kevin Eatwell       


Jenna Richardson


Emma Keeble 

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine

1. Mary Boon




2. Sharon Cray

They are miracle workers.(Dec 15)


Definitely the royal Dick vet Edinburgh. Saved my bunnies many times. Kevin Eatwell, Jenna Richardson and Emma Keeble are fantastic vets and so compassionate too. I have a scoliosis bunny, a bunny with a facial deformity and a bunny with an aneurysm and pancreatic inflammation. Getting prompt treatment out of hours has been a life saver and fantastic diagnostics and specialists on hand who are   happy to liase with vets all over the UK too (Jan 2016).


Braid Vets

Julie Murdoch

Braid Vets in Edinburgh are very good! I always try and see Rosie (Jan 2017)

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