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Vets4Pets Swindon


Vets Now Swindon

Anita and Tony Walkden


Claudia Bolduan (Feb 16)

 I am in Swindon and Recommend Companion Care/Vets 4 Pets in Swindon. Fantastic, and very rabbit savvy. Also, Vets Referrals Exotics in Swindon, again amazing (Jan 16)



Neil Forbes

Fiona Froehlich

Tom Dutton

Dan Calvo

Tariq Abou-Zahr

Great Western Exotic Vets

1. Steve Kirtley



2. Jenny Stanford

 3. Eugenie Smit


4. Mary Duffy

The whole exotics team at Great Western Exotics in Swindon - particularly Neil Forbes, Fiona Froehlich, Tom Dutton and Dan Calvo - but also heard really good things about Tariq although he's not treated our buns as yet. Despite being based at a referral centre they provide 7 days a week 1st opinion clinics too so can be a primary vet if local (August 2016)

Tariq is a genius. I cannot rate the whole team highly enough. I think you mean 'local enough'. They are my nearest savvy vet and my first opinion. (August 2016)

Yup agreed, they were awesome with me being paranoid and a total loon, they did everything they could, explained everything perfectly and put up with crazy me, I phoned all hours of the day, including 2/3/4 am, always been great! I saw Tariq and Dan(Aug 2016)

Vets Now Referral are also good .They performed an abscess operation on my Bunny in 2013 (Aug 2016)