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West Yorkshire



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Jo Navotni

Yorkshire Vets

Sally Bondgate

 Jo Navotni (Hefford as was) at Yorkshire Vets in Birkenshaw is great. I totally trust her opinion with my rabbits and she's always practical and helpful (June 2017) 

Shona Haydon

Calder Vets

1. Hannah Smith



2. Gina Jorden

3. Amy LouisePorter

We use her to take care of our ten and a half year old bunny Smokie and she is excellent. I know she has been on your courses and is very knowledgeable on rabbits, we trust her advice completely. (Dec 15)

I'm aware that she has already been mentioned but I'd also like to recommend Shona Haydon at Calder Vets in Dewsbury. She's been fantastic at helping us get to the bottom of what's wrong with Odin and he definitely seems to have improved since we first took him! (Mar 16)

Shona Haydon at Calder vets, Dewsbury is fabulous.(Aug 2016)

Steven Hen-Boisen

Vets4Pets Wakefield

Kirsty Kingswood

I highly recommend Steven Hen-Boisen at vets4pets Wakefield. He has always treated my rabbits. He did an ear canal ablation on one of my rabbits which you were very impressed with if you remember when we later saw you for a lateral wall resection on the other ear. (Dec 2015)

Sarah Brown

Holly House Veterinary Hospital


Camp Nibble

For West Yorkshire I recommend Sarah Brown at Holly House (Jan 2016)


Vets4Pets  Huddersfield

Katrina Blackburn

Huddersfield pets at home branch are the best I have tried (Jan. 2016)

Trudi Pardoe


Abbey House Kippax

Leanne Horam

My husband and I recommend Trudi Pardoe at Abbey House Kippax or Croft House Batley. She took care of Cracker (Netherland dwarf) through multiple dental procedures and continues to be our source of information and advice for our 4 current bunnies (July 2016)

Nathalie Declunder

Aire Veterinary Centre

Chrissy Nevison

I can't recommend my vet highly enough for those who have rabbits. She is called Nathalie Declunder and works at Aire Veterinary Centre in Headingley, Leeds. She herself has had Flemish giant rabbits and is extremely rabbit savvy. She was actually recommended to me when I sought a second opinion for one of my buns when another vet tried to tell me that he should be put to sleep as he had myxomatosis (even though he had had the same symptoms on and off for almost a year). I then took him to Nathalie who correctly diagnosed him as having syphilis and gave him a course of antibiotic injections. Thanks to her he lived for another 4 years. She is the only person I trust with my rabbits (August 2016)

Andrew Wieland

Sarah Kohut

Beechwood Vets, Beeston Surgery


Claire Toz

The whole team of staff are fantastic & I can’t recommend them highly enough. Take my dogs & Buns here. Have performed a number of operations to remove mouth abscess on my little Bailey Bunny over the years & he’s still going strong at 9 !! (August 2016)

Terry Croud

Gatehouse Veterinary Group. Bingley

Susan Hartley

I go to Terry at Gatehouse Vets in Bingley, West Yorkshire. He has looked after all my bunnies, very understanding of my bunns needs, excellent check ups, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! (August 2016)

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