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Molly Varga



Manor Vets






1. Gabe Vincent



 2. Wendy Bamber




 3. Claire Willow Powell

 4. Maggie Kennedy


There are four branches and I've been to three. The Edgbaston branch is an exotics and the other branches communicate with them. My local one is Northfield and they've always been amazing. Plus the Halesowen branch is open 24/7 (Dec 15)


While she was at Cheshire vets, Molly treated my Lionhead, on referral, who had terrible teeth and was in a lot of pain even after treatment of two dentals by my own vet. The second treatment was done by another vet at Cheshire Vets and Sparkie hasn't needed treatment for several months now. So yes I recommend Molly Varga and Cheshire Vets .


Molly Varga, Manor vets, Edgbaston also Michelle is great with bunnies too (Feb 2016)


Molly Varga by far the most talented vet I have encountered in forty years of pet ownership.  Molly is especially recommended for rabbits and other exotics.
Molly practices from several clinics in the north west and is a highly sought after consultant
(Oct 2016).

Deborah Hope

608 Veterinary Practice

1. Elaine Line


2. Emma Bailey

She is brilliant with bunnies and has a special interest in them, also has a wealth of contacts for referrals for specialist cases

She has a strong drive for promoting and building up rabbit medicine, surgery and welfare. She is fantastic! (Augusu 2016)

Heidi Featherstone

Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service

Elaine Line

Also for specialist eye problems one of my bunnies is also registered with the following specialist vet and has been very successful in helping control my bunnies very complicated case of glaucoma (Dec 15)



Vets4Pets, Shelfield, Walsall

Stacey Gretchen Davenhill

I would highly recommend TeamShelfield Vets, they are fantastic and so supportive. I know when my buns go there they are in safe hands, I have complete trust in my vets (Dec 15)

Rebecca Rowe

The Oaks Veterinary Centre

Lynne Read

I'm in Birmingham and would recommend Rebecca Rowe at The Oaks Veterinary Centre.  Additionally they have a new vet who is very interested in rabbits that Rebecca has taken under her wing. Rebecca has been looking after my rabbits for several years, and I know she has a special interest in them. I have had a couple of serious issues with some of them, and Rebecca has always been very knowledgeable and caring. Would recommend anyone to take their rabbits to her (Jan 2016).

Stephanie Tickle

Maypole Veterinary Centre, Birmingham

Sarah Collett (August 2016)


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