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Broad Lane Vets, Coventry

Julie Cutler

I used them for a rabbit castration for one of my two brothers. Everything was explained in detail, including a request to bring a packed bunny lunch, and his (at that time) loving brother.  A few days later I had to take the same rabbit unbooked to a Sunday morning clinic as his long suffering sub dominant brother had slit open his eyelid in a fight. All treated on the spot. They insist on two follow up examinations after surgery which are included in the price. They have a very big team, and two satellite surgeries as well as the main surgical site. I’m very glad I chose them over more local smaller practices (May 2018)

Paula Bailey

Emscote Vets, Warwick

Jen Manning


Peter Hasaler

Acorn Veterinary Centre, Studley

Caroline Morrissey

Peter specialises in dental work and regularly works with us at Hopper Haven a Rabbit and Guinea Pig Sanctuary in Redditch (135 residents) (Aug 2016).

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