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Tyne and Wear



Recommended by


Deborah Stafford

Gilmoor Vets

1. April Carney



2. Fiona Campbell

3. Lisa Shaw

She handles rabbits wonderfully and is very experienced at dentals. I know she attends rabbit lectures to keep up to date with new procedures, but she is also not afraid to try something new herself. I feel she doesn't do anything that is unnecessary and is good at explaining procedures. Gilmoor have a few branches that she does a few days at each. She is also good with Guinea pigs. (Dec 15)

Deborah Stafford at Gilmoor veterinary group Durham is brilliant (Dec 15)

Gilmoor vets in Durham they have just become a certified rabbit friendly practice. Deborah is amazing

Honor Etherington

(moved to Hadrian Vets, Hexham in 2017)

Vets4Pets Sunderland

1. Maysie Tucker


2. Angel Swan

3.Louise Garbutt

She is a fantastic rabbit savvy vet and we travel from Scotch Corner in Richmond, North Yorkshire to Sunderland as we have 33 rabbits and so we need a good vet. I highly recommend her.(Dec 15)

 An educated vet who is willing to go above and beyond to treat rabbits without compromising welfare and is extremely ethical; a rare quality (Dec 15)

She diagnosed snuffles in my bun Isla when she was three, when another vet told me it was just a cold that would go by itself. Left a few more days and she wouldn't have been around. Due to Honor's intensive treatment, Isla lived to be 9.(Aug 2016)

Judith Brown

First Vets Forest Hall

1. Natasha Hulkswife Banks

2. Karen Gray


3. Laurie Marshall (Aug 2016)

4. Kelly McGarr



 I'd like to recommend Judith Brown. My girl Fluff was very ill with a blood clot post spay. It is only down to Judith's skill and experience she made it. She is one special lady. (Dec 15)



I went to Judith with my rabbit who had dental disease. She is extremely rabbit savvy and gave my rabbit exceptional care and he managed to live an extra four month despite having an abscess in his jaw. Also very good value for money and you always get a straight answer with Judith. Any questions with complex answers are always explained in a straight forward way. Great vet (Sep 2016)

Gemma Rutherford

Strachan Veterinary Group, Newcastle

Laura-Jayne Stabler

Fantastic (Aug 2016)

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