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Recommended by


Simon Culmstock



Swayne and Partners

Long Melford


Sue Holmes

My vet - Simon Culmstock at Swayne and Partners in Long Melford is excellent (Jan 2016)


Orwell Veterinary Group, Ipswich

Norma Laming

They have a hospital, which is a huge relief with sick bunnies (Aug 2016)

Iain Cope

Vets4Pets Newmarket

1.Jamie Wilcox


 2. Talya Dosaj

 Iain Cope has left Cambridge Veterinary Group but is opening his own practice in Newmarket under Vets4Pets. He's honestly the best vet and worth the hour + drive to see him (Aug 2016)

 Iain saved my disabled nethie that a 'normal' vet instantly said needed PTS. We love you, Iain and Toby says thanks!!!(Dec 15)