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Recommended by


Rachel Austin (Owner)

Joanne Henstock

Vets4Pets Gamston

Laura Paterson

Both have been great with my rabbits and they have never given up on them. They're prepared to listen and try new things and will also research if I mention I have seen something via yourself or other well known rabbit vets.(Dec 2015)








Hannah Bennett



Wildbore Vetstop, Worksop

Jo Parry







James Green

I want to wholeheartedly recommend Wildbore Vetstop in Worksop. I travel from Sheffield to take my bunnies there because they are the only vets I’ve seen (apart from yourself!) with knowledge of and interest in rabbit medicine. They have seen several of my rabbits through seemingly hopeless situations. (Dec 2015)


Hannah Bennett and  (before she left) Jo Hallam have both been excellent, knowledgeable and very keen for vets everywhere to know more about rabbits (Jan 2017)

Jo Farr

Portland House Vets, Retford

Emma Gowshall

Jo is fabulous with my 16 bunnies and the owners of the vets support me with the rescue too when they need help (August 2016).

Francisco Gomez

Natalie Tate

Lawrence Vets, Eastwood

Karen Scott

Superb (August 2016)

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