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St Clair Vets, Blyth

Natasha Hulkswife Banks

2 vet private owned practice experienced staff and very friendly and professional(Dec 15)

Sadhan Brown

Vet4Pets, Cramlington

Rosemary Timlin (Aug 2016)


Shona Mackay

Orchard House Veterinary Centre, Stocksfield,

David Holman

Shona has been my first port of call over the last 6 years. She always has the bunny’s health first and diagnosis spot on. After op care is always covered with meds and follow up app if required (Aug 2017).

Honor Etherington

(Previously at Vets4Pets Sunderland)

Hadrian Vets


Claire Robson

 She is a fab rabbit vet (August 2017)

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