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Recommended by


Matthew Fiddes


Alan Muir

CJ Hall Veterinary Surgeons

1.Phil Austin



 2.Mary Duffy

We see either Matthew or Allan who are both brilliant and are one of the few vets in London that specialise in 'exotics' - (shocking that Rabbits are still seen as exotic)(Dec 15)


I recommend CJ Halls Vets in Temple Sheen for anyone in London who has a bunny that needs vet attention.Matthew Fiddes and Alan Muir were really good to my bunny Nibbler (July 2016).

Hugo RIchardson

London Vet Clinic

86 York Street

W1H 1Q5

Michelle Lewendel

Experienced with rabbits, a good general practice veterinary clinic. Hugo is not only skilled but caring to both rabbit and owner. A brilliant nursing staff are also located at the clinic as well (Feb 16)



Park Vets, Raynes Park, SW20 OJT


Lynsey Kay Porter

Park Vets at Raynes Park in SW London is great. Both Tim and Pete have been fab with my buns, including 2 going through dentals recently after rescue. Also had tummy problems and mite issues all sorted quickly (Mar 2016)

Joanna Hedley

Nadene Stapleton


Royal Veterinary College

Diane Reyniers

I would like to recommend the Beaumont Sainsbury in London. RWAF gold star practice. Separate waiting areas and wards for rabbits. Joanna Hedley (Lecturer in Exotic Species and Small Mammal Medicine and Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College) and Nadene Stapleton are fantastic rabbit vets (April 2016). 

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