Recommended by


David Mayhew



Old Registry Vets, Scunthorpe

Mandy Riley

I would 100% recommend David's practice at Old Registry vets. Also Natalie one of the vet nurses who recently joined the practice has a good knowledge of rabbits. She was very fortunate to have a place on your courses (June 2018) 


Sarah Pellett





Animates Veterinary Clinic

1. Charlotte Webb



2. Sara Jones

(Mar 16)


3. Beki Turner

I highly recommend Animates vets in Thurlby. They have a specialist exotics department (with its own building!), the vets are excellent and rabbit savvy. I've found them particularly good in emergency situations ( Jan 2016).



I'd recommend Sarah at Animates 1000 times over if I could but you already have her listed! She's amazing (as you probably already know! (Oct 2017)

Tunde Vaskor-Kiss

Medivet, Spalding

Caroline Hyden

Although a small local practice the vets there have always treated my rabbits with the same importance as any other pet.  They helped a previous rabbit I owned through a bad case of nodular mxyi who then went on to live until she was nearly 11 (even consulting with a specialist vet I recommended - Mr Chitty - I used to visit when I lived near his practice and who knew my rabbits).  They always have a noticeboard section dedicated to rabbits and their care and vaccination (as we are a very rural area many people view rabbits as pests more than pets) and although previously unaware of the emerging issue in other parts of the UK of RHD2 they read through the information I showed them and have ordered the relevant vaccinations to add to their recommended protocol (July 2018)

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