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Daniella dos Santos

ParkVets Sidcup

Mary Lockyer

Daniella is an amazing vet.  She has an incredible knowledge of rabbits.  She is always happy to explain her findings to us owners and takes time to ensure that we understand the diagnosis and treatment plans.  Would not see anybody else.  (April 2018)


Bourne Veterinary Practice, Bekesbourne

1. Kara Francis



2. Di Leslie-Veal

I highly recommend Bourne Veterinary Practice they listen to what you say, they take time to explain things, they seem genuinely interested in correct diet and seem to really care. They are based in SE Kent, 20 minute drive from Canterbury.(Dec 15)


 I'd definitely recommend Bourne vets in Littlebourne, Kent. Excellent bunny service!!(Aug 2016)


Dacre House Veterinary Clinic

Sarah Toogood

Dacre house in kent is good, been treating bunnies for years with great compassion.(Dec 15)


Sandhole Vets


Sarah Mander

Sandhole Vets in Snodland are very good(Aug 2016)


Mark Rowland

Trinity Vets, Maidstone

1. Christine Payne



2. Frances Best (Aug 2016)


3. Hazel Thorn

All the vets are brilliant there. My rabbit suffers from acid reflux and had various other things wrong, she is now on medication and her symptoms are now under control and she is out of pain ( May 2016)




I would like to recommend Trinity Veterinary centre in Maidstone Kent, they are specialists in exotics. They recently treated my bunny Pompey for a severe respiratory infection I nearly lost her. Their action was prompt and very thorough (Oct 2017).

Bradley Curtis

Dacre House Veterinary Clinic, Tunbridge Wells

Rosie Payne

I have seen through The Rabbit Crossing that you are open to vet recommendations. Please could you consider adding Bradley Curtis of Dacre House Vets in Tunbridge Wells.  Although I don't think Bradley is registered as a 'specialist',  his knowledge and care of rabbits Is outstanding. I happily travel 45 minutes to see him. He's always aware of new treatments and rabbit issues, such as the recent RVHD2 changes. (Jan 2017)

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