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Nine Lives, Redbourn

1. Cat Davies


2. Oksana Dashwood


  3. Emma Jane Jones


4. Nadine Townsend


5. Ruth Oddie



Nine Lives Vets in Redbourn (Herts) have been looking after all the Helicopter Ears's bunnies for many years now; they are a fantastic team and Helicopter Ears wouldn't change them for the world! (Feb 16)


Nine Lives....definitely rabbit savvy (Feb 16)


Nine Lives in Redbourn/St Albans is brilliant  (Aug 2016)


An amazing vets, now with a branch in Harpenden too. I have been with them the whole 11 years they have been open. Agatha's Annex rabbit and guinea pig rescue could not have run without their support and care for the rabbits in need.(Jan 2017)

Harriet Nicholson

Village Vet, Potters Bar

Victoria Stearman

She has cared for my rabbit with chronic respiratory and dental problems amazingly well! She has a special interest in all exotics (Mar 2017).