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Dr Moffet

 Dr Ingles

Harbour Vets Portsmouth

Liza De Sousa


Recommended Harbour vets, Portsmouth. Dr. Moffet. When he is unavailable, I only have Dr. Ingles replacing him. My one bunny is sick quite often, bladder sludge, irritation, everything bad to do with bladder - had teeth filed, once - not serious but spurs were forming. My rescue so far had twice, and she's about 10 yrs old. I think she needs it done again, next week. So needs yearly or 1 1/2 dentals. Good vets, better than where I was, thorough and rabbit savvy. (Aug 2016)

John Chitty

 Violane Colon

Anton Vets, Andover

1. Katie Britton

 2. Catherine Page


Absolutely amazing (August 2016)

 John Chitty has a special interest in rabbits and is brilliant. Also Violaine who works with him at Anton vets is also brilliant. They have treated two of my bunnies who have both had very complex medical issues (both as a referral) (May 2016).