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Jane Hitchings



Justine Irwin

Woodlands Veterinary Group, Ivybridge

1. Beverley Cattell



2. Siobhan O’Sullivan

She was a wonderful compassionate vet when she was on the Isle of Wight and I believe she has a special interest in rabbits.(Dec 15)


I would like to recommend my vet Justine Irwin at Woodlands Vet practice in Ivybridge, Devon. I see you have Jane Hitchings already - they are colleagues at the same practice. I wouldn't let any other vet treat my rabbits. She has 22 years experience and a special interest in bunnies and is the dedicated vet at my local rescue centre, Woodside Sanctuary (June 2017). 

Ian Sayers

Silvertons Vets, Paignton

1. Evie Nell Parront


2. Jen Kay


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