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Recommended by


Stuart Becker

Willows Vet Group

Jen Kay

A vet with a special interest in exotics at Willows Vet Group (Clarendon Surgery in Altrincham and other North West surgeries). Regards, Urbun Sanctuary (Dec 15)

Robin Marsland


Kostas Katsarakis

Cranmore Vets

Shirley Hennessy

I can wholeheartedly recommend Rob and Kostas at Cranmore Vets, Chestergates business park, near Chester.  They have dealt well with some difficult issues with my bunnies over the years. (Dec 15)


Cheshire Pet

Wendy Bamber

Molly Varga treated my Lionhead, on referral, who had terrible teeth and was in a lot of pain even after treatment of two dentals by my own vet. The second treatment was done by another vet at Cheshire Vets and Sparkie hasn't needed treatment for several months now (Dec 15).