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Ivan Crotaz 



Kynoch Vets Harmans Water

Helen Halliday




Ivan used to do all of the rabbit work for a rescue in Bracknell so his client base was very large but since he took time out to develop the V-gel he does slightly less clinical work. (Dec 15)


Charlotte Lewis


Ivan Crotaz 

Vets4Pets Newbury

Helen Halliday


Another very good exotic vet (Dec 15)


Hannah Brown

Companion Care Winnersh

Helen Halliday-Eppel

Worked alongside Ivan Crotaz for many years at another veterinary group, but now at CC at this rabbit friendly practise. She is very knowledgable, with modern approach to medicine and a lovely hands on manner (has her own 3 adopted bunnies)(Aug 2016)

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