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North Yorkshire



Recommended by


Ruth Alcock



Heather Eastham

Crab Lane Vets, Harrogate

1. Helen Charlesworth


2. Alison Maxfield


3. Donna Murrell

The very best one as far as we are concerned is Crab Lane Vets in Harrogate .(Dec 15)


Ditto re Crab Lane being my recommendation.(Dec 15)



I'd recommend Heather at Crab Lane as she diagnosed & operated on Lulu's ear abscess when three other vets at a different practice kept treating her for ear mites & completely missed the lump she had near her ear (Aug 2016)

Mark Naguib

Battle Flatts,

Strensall and Stamford Bridge

Samantha Dodwell

Kyle Perrin and Mark Naguib, are both excellent vets, in my opinion (Feb 16)

Update Dec 17- Kyle Perrin is no longer at Battle Flatts


Beth Laycock

Ian Crowe

Bob Pettit

Kingsway Veterinary Group


Anne Buckley

Just to let you know that Kingsway Vets in Skipton, North Yorkshire are excellent with rabbits. They are doing a fantastic job of helping us to look after our Lionhead, Gandalf, who is nearly 11. Beth Laycock has attended your CPD courses and I know she has mentioned Gandalf but he has also had excellent care and advice from Will, Ian Crowe and Bob Pettit (Nov 16).


Jane Hairsine

Filey Veterinary Practice

Rachel Feetham

I would like to recommend the Filey Veterinary Practice for your Find a Rabbit Vet page.  I don't live in North Yorkshire at present, but when I was there I kept a lot of rabbits and the practice learnt a lot about rabbits from my visits there.  They became quite knowledgeable after having to contact you a few times. I fairly sure the vet that I/the rabbits saw was Jane Hairsine ( Nov 17).

Valentina Granziera

Ashleigh Veterinary Clinic

Samantha Djamaa

I have 2 rescue rabbits, Billy and Jessica, both have been seen and treated by Valentina on different occasions. 

By her own admission, Valentina ‘loves the aetiology of rabbits’ and it is evident that she is comfortable and confident when handling my rabbits and her examinations are always very thorough.

 Unfortunately, my rabbits have seen other vets (in other practices) who have failed to do even the simplest of health checks on my bus (eyes, teeth etc). This is why I wanted to recommend Valentina. When you have a sick and stressed out bunny, finding a good vet even closer to home, is an absolute blessing. The practice also routinely stocks Filavac, which is another bonus! (Dec 17)


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