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Recommended by


Micaela Wright

Ana Porta

Jeanette Tungesik

Stanhope Park Veterinary Hospital

Ann Longstaff

Owner and head vet Micaela Wright has put together a strong team of vets and nurse. I would especially recommend Ana Porta and Jeanette Tungesik as well as Micaela (even though she is allergic) for rabbits. They also have a really knowledgeable Exotics nurse called Jess Bell. They have a 24 hours service and provide their own out of hours, which I think is really important for rabbit owners. They have smaller clinic in nearby Yarm and Middleton-St-George.They are soon opening a new specialised clinic and hospital ward for rabbits, cats and other exotics, in a nearby building. (Aug 2016)

Catherine Piggott

Wilson Veterinary Group

Gabrielle Taylor

Wilson veterinary group in Bishop Auckland and Newton Aycliffe,county Durham in North East England (August 2016)



Jaqui Patersons, Stockton-on-Tees

1. Nina Oram


2. Becky Connolly

Jacqui Patersons exotic vets Stockton-on-tees and the vet is Dominika (August 2016)


 I second that, she’s amazing (August 2016)

Deborah Stafford







 Sach Sood

Gilmoor Vets

1. April Carney




2. Fiona Campbell


3. Lisa Shaw


 4. Amelia Jones

She handles rabbits wonderfully and is very experienced at dentals. I know she attends rabbit lectures to keep up to date with new procedures, but she is also not afraid to try something new herself. I feel she doesn't do anything that is unnecessary and is good at explaining procedures. Gilmoor have a few branches that she does a few days at each. She is also good with Guinea pigs. (Dec 15)

Deborah Stafford at Gilmoor veterinary group Durham is brilliant (Dec 15)


Gilmoor vets in Durham they have just become a certified rabbit friendly practice. Deborah is amazing


I would like to recommend Deborah Stafford and Sach Sood from Gilmoor Vets Limited in County Durham. Both are amazing rabbit vets and spend a lot of time answering all of my questions, and explaining things clearly.

They have been especially great with one of my rabbits who has dental and respiratory problems. And in recent months have put a lot of effort into helping manage my rabbit who has spotty rabbit syndrome's symptoms (Feb 2017)