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Abbey Vets in Chaddesden and Chellaston



Mandy Hunt

I can recommend Abbey Vets in Chaddesden and Chellaston in Derby.


Also Pets at Home in store vets ...Companion Care. Meteor Centre Derby (Feb 16)


Claire Bush

Alfreton Veterinary Hospital

Barbara Jackson

Claire is an excellent well informed vet with a special interest in rabbits. She is also a lovely friendly person. Highly recommended . They are good with guinea pigs as well. (June 2016)

Jason  Davidson

Companion Care, Derby

Judy Fearnley

Absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't let any of my lot see anyone else !( Aug 2016)

Kelly Freezer

Bright Side Vets, Swadlincote

Debbie Bloor

Excellent vet, not just with bunnies.( Aug 2016)

Anna Cockle

Scarsdale Vets, Derby

Melanie Bruder

Excellent with rabbits (Oct 2017)

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith Cardiology, Derby

Melanie Bruder

Sarah Smith of Sarah Smith Cardiology will see rabbit Cardiology referrals in a calm, quiet environment  (Oct 2017) 

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