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Results from owner surveys can be both interesting and useful.  If you want to take part please in any of the current surveys, please click on the links provided.  Three surveys are currently open.


Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) has killed thousands of rabbits. In recent years, it has reduced the number of wild rabbits in parts of the UK and has caused sudden death in many pet rabbits. It seems that the new variant (RHDV2) is usually the cause. In many cases, it is difficult to know where the infection came from or how it was spread. If you are someone who has lost a rabbit to RHD, please fill in the questionnaire. It will remain open indefinitely but current results will be published periodically. This survey started in March 2017. The link to the survey is hereA link to the results is here.


A survey is open for owners of rabbits with Floppy Rabbit Syndrome. The survey is part of a Clinical Research Project that is currently conducted by Frances Harcourt-Brown and Angie Rupp, a veterinary pathologist. We are hoping to find out more about the cause of this syndrome and to develop a diagnostic test. We are also appealing for blood samples and for the bodies of rabbits that die from the condition.  More details can be found hereThe survey started in January 2017 and will reamin open for three years. No results will be published during that period but any input from owners is valued and will contribute to increasing veterinary knowledge about the condition. The link to the survey is here.