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Rabbit CPD Programme 2017

Another series of Rabbit CPD courses are arranged for 2017. The venue is Hampsthwaite Memorial Hall, which just outside Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It has easy car parking and good facilities with an excellent projection and sound system. A buffet lunch is provided, either at the venue or at Sophie’s tea room in the village. 


A one-day programme on 'Nursing the sick rabbit' has been put together for vet nurses, animal care assistants and other people involved in caring for ill rabbits. A date has been arranged for the 27th October 2017. The programme can be downloaded here THIS COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED

Each course is worth 6 CPD hours for Veterinary Nurses.


The 2 day course on Advanced Rabbit Medicine: Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth took place in March. The verdicts of some delegates can be seen here.

The dates and programmes for the vets programmes are:

October 12th and 13thAdvanced Rabbit Medicine: Diseases of the Thorax and Abdomen. Cost £350

November 9th and 10thRabbit Surgery. Cost £495
Each course is worth 12 CPD hours.

Lunch at SophiesA friendly atmosphere and easy interaction are features of the programme. After each course, PDF’s of the Powerpoint presentations and course notes are available to delegates via the 'For Vets' section of this website along with the questions and and answers to any quizzes. Delegates will also have access to the vets forum and if they wish, their names can be included in a Vets Directory for owners to see .


Confusing head tiltThe first two sessions are aimed at vets that are looking for more in-depth information about how to diagnose and treat the diseases that affect  pet rabbits. They begins with a day of lectures that cover many aspects of rabbit medicine. It will be assumed that delegates will have some fundamental knowledge of rabbit anatomy, physiology and common diseases. The second day is devoted to discussing case reports and ends with the quiz. Quizzes aimed at  testing  delegates knowledge at the end of the course proved to be enjoyable feature of previous courses. Only the winner is identified (and wins a small prize) and the remaining delegates can decide for themselves how they got on. The first course covered conditions that affect the eyes, ears, nose and mouth was held in March. The second course covers the thorax and abdomen and is to be held in October

Lateral wall resection performed on a cadaver during practical workshop

The last session in the programme is a practical workshop on rabbit surgery. It is taking place in November. More details are available here. 


A faithful friend, never forotten

An extremely generous lady bequeathed funds for several free places for vets to attend the Rabbit CPD courses in 2016. Amazingly, she has bequeathed more funds for 2017 and would like to include nursing staff. The bequest was in memory of a special rabbit. We cannot thank her enough.


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