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Terminology in relation to rabbit teeth

The standard dental terminology does not fit easily to rabbit's teeth. Each tooth is cylindrical in shape and the whole length is encompassed in enamel. There is no demarcation between a root and a crown, so according to standard dental terminology, the whole tooth can be considered to be a 'crown', even that part that is buried in the jaw. 'Anatomical crown' is used by veterinary dentists to describe the whole tooth with 'exposed' or 'clinical crown' to describe the part of the tooth that protrudes into the mouth. 'Reserve crown' describes the part of the tooth that is submerged within the jaw but the buried part of the tooth can also be called the 'root', which is the term that is used by this author. ‘Apex’ refers the buried extremity of the tooth although, technically speaking, this is incorrect because the shape of the tooth is cylindrical, rather than conical, so it does not have an apex.
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