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Gum flap

In the later stages of dental disease, the exposed crowns of the cheek teeth may be short because the teeth are worn or the weakened crowns are broken. This can also happen if the teeth are taken down to gum level with a dental burr. A space is left between the upper and lower teeth that allows a piece of mucosa (gum) to bulge into it and form a flap. The gum flap may catch between the upper and lower teeth so that it is traumatised as the rabbit chews and can become ulcerated and sore. Rabbits that have these flaps may salivate and may chewing movements. Although the flaps can be removed, they often regrow. Pulling out any loose crowns and smoothing off any sharp edges of the remaining teeth is effective. Reducing the height of the crowns so that the gap between the upper and lower teeth will also prevent the mucosal flap from getting crushed between the teeth.
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