Description of the features of advanced dental disease

This image of the skull of a rabbit in the advanced stages of dental diseases has had arrows added to highlight the changes that have taken place. The GREEN arrows point to the elongated, calcified apices that have penetrated the alveolar bulla into the orbit. These teeth are ankylosed into the bone. The BLUE arrow points to the apex of the second upper cheek tooth that has penetrated the zygomatic prominence of the maxilla, which is the place that an elongated apex of this tooth always appears. The BLACK arrows point to crowns that have broken off completely. The PINK arrows point to two teeth with remaining crowns: a peg tooth and part of the second lower cheek tooth. The peg tooth still has enamel is the only crown that looks relatively normal. The crown of the second cheek tooth has split and fallen apart. The RED arrows point to thin translucent bone, which is always a feature of skulls of rabbits with advanced dental disease.