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Dave's story


A faithful friend, never forgotten

A very generous lady (Mrs X) is funding vets and nursing staff to attend the Rabbit CPD courses as a bequest in memory of a rabbit called Dave. When he came to live with her, Mrs X had no idea that a rabbit could change her life so dramatically. About 5 years ago, Mrs X visited her local plant nursery where a rabbit had been running around. The nursery believed the rabbit was wild but later realised he was a pet. They caught him and made him a hutch and looked after him but couldn't trace his owners. They asked Mrs X if she I knew of anyone who would have him and, knowing only too well of the plight of many pet rabbits, she said she would take him and find him a home despite having no idea what to do with him. She always had feline and canine companions. Fortunately, Mrs X had a friend who had cared for rescued rabbits indoors, several of whom had been disabled due to neglect. She had one female (spayed) rabbit, Chloe, at the time so Dave went to live with them . Dave and Chloe got on famously from the onset but sadly, Chloe, died about 2 years ago. Dave then bonded with the cat, Cedric, and they became inseparable. Last March, Mrs X’s friend suddenly became ill and was unable to care for Dave so Mrs X had Dave and his feline friend Cedric to look after. This was an absolute "eye opener" for Mrs X. Having the responsibility of a rabbit was a completely different experience. To cut a long story short she became so totally immersed in caring for him that she didn't realise how much knowledge she was gaining each day or how attached she was to him. This was all thanks to the excellent care and love he had received from her friend. Dave lived indoors and had access to a safe garden. He was always happy and playful. Had he not died he would have been due to return to her friend soon. They both miss him desperately. Mrs X says that Dave taught her so much about the physical and emotional needs of rabbits. On the occasions he was kept at the Vet hospital they accommodated his hay boxes, den, toys etc. so that he had his familiar possessions with him for security. He was provided with his normal food. He had excellent nursing care. Because Mrs X and her friend miss Dave tremendously, they would welcome a vet/trainee vet to specialise in rabbits and would also like to help the nursing staff as well.  She would like more vets out there to have "rabbit skills" in memory of Dave. She felt lucky in having such excellent care for him.