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Vaccination against RHDV2

Outbreaks of the new variant of RHD (RHDV2) in pet rabbits have occurred in other parts of Europe, such as Germany and the Netherlands, with similar experiences to the present outbreak in the UK. 

Vaccines against RHDV2 are manufactured in other European countries and now available in UK. They are adjuvenated inactivated vaccines that usually incorporate the original RHDV variant as well. None are active against myxomatosis. Nobivac Myxo/RHD does not protect against RHDV2.  Rabbits need to be vaccinated against myxomatosis with Nobivac Myxo/RHD as well as a vaccine against RHDV2 in order to be fully protected. An interval of at least two weeks between vaccinations is recommended.

The two authorised vaccines against RHDV2 that are available in UK are: 

Filavac.  This vaccine is available in single dose vials as well as multidose vials. Most wholesalers can supply it. More information about the vaccine can be found in the product information sheet.  Rabbits over 10 weeks of age need a single vaccination with an annual booster.  Early vaccination at 4 -10 weeks is OK, but revaccination at 10-12 weeks is necessary and then 12 months later. The vaccine takes 7 days to be effective.

Eravac. This vaccine is only available in multidose vials and is currently unavailable in UK. It is intended for vaccinating meat rabbits. More information can be found on the manufacturer's website.