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Vaccination against RHD and RHDV2

Nobivac Myxo-RHD is the most common vaccine that is used in UK.  It is a live myxomatosis vaccine that contains genetic material from the RHD virus (capsid protein V60). More information is available in a European Medicines Agency report prepared in 2011. The vaccine is only active against the original variant of RHD but all recent cases of RHD are due to RHDV2.  Nobivac Myxo/RHD does not protect rabbits against RHDV2. 

Although it is not 100% protective against myxomatosis, Nobivac Myxo-RHD is the only vaccine we have against myxomatosis so rabbits need to be vaccinated with Nobivac Myxo/RHD as well as another vaccine against RHDV2 in order to be fully protected against both diseases. An interval of at least two weeks between vaccinations is recommended although MSD, the manufacturers of Nobivac Myxo-RHD, has evidence that there is no immunological interference if Nobivac Myxo-RHD and Filovac are given concurrently.

The two authorised vaccines against RHDV2 that are available in UK are: 

Filavac.  This vaccine is effective against both the original variant of RHD and RHDV2. It is available in single dose vials as well as multidose vials.  More information about the vaccine can be found in the product information sheet.  Rabbits over 10 weeks of age need a single vaccination with an annual booster.  Early vaccination at 4 -10 weeks is effective (Le Minor et al, 2017)  but revaccination at 10-12 weeks is necessary and then 12 months later. The vaccine takes 7 days to be effective.

Eravac. This vaccine is only effective against RHDV2. It is available in single and multidose vials. The vaccine can be given after 30 days of age and boosters are advised after 9 months. More information can be found on the datasheet.