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Image Myxomatosis, further swelling of the eyelids
This picture of Rio shows swollen eyelids that developed 48 hours after the minor redness of the eyelids was observed.
Located in Media / Infectious disease / Myxomatosis
Image object code Myxomatosis very first sign.
This picture shows Rio, a 4year old neutered male Netherland Dwarf. He was one of the author's rabbits that was adopted when he was about four months old because he had congenital incisor malocclusion. His incisors were removed. During the day, he and his companion would go into an aviary that was surrounded by wild rabbits so he had close contact with them. From the time of his adoption, he was vaccinated every six months against myxomatosis. Despite his vaccination status, he succumbed to myxomatosis during a severe outbreak in the wild rabbits. This picture shows a slight reddening of the lower eyelid which was the first sign of myxomatosis that was seen.
Located in Media / Infectious disease / Myxomatosis
Image Troff document Myxomatosis lesions on genitalia
This image shows the genitalia in the later stages of myxomatosis. There is selling and crusting around the anus and genital opening that would make urination and defaecation painful
Located in Media / Infectious disease / Myxomatosis
Image object code Myxomatosis advanced
This image shows Rio 4 weeks after the reddening of his eyelids was first noted. He was starting with urine scalding on his legs because he would dribble some urine because of the lesions on his genitalia, He couldn't eat his caecotrophs so his anus needed to be cleaned. His genitalia, nose and eyes were sore and he struggled to breathe. He still wanted to eat but could not pick up food on his own. He seemed to be more comfortable on his back and could be hand fed with his favourite foods (fresh greens) in that position. He was starting to lose weight rapidly. The decision to euthanase him was made on the following day. His companion remained well throughout Rio's illness despite developing a circular crusting lesion at the base of her ear.
Located in Media / Infectious disease / Myxomatosis
Image Myxomatosis nodular eye lesions
This image shows the nodular appearance of the eyelid lesions in advanced cases of myxomatosis. In this case, the crusts that were covering the nodules had fallen off . Eventually the nodules regressed and the rabbit recovered.
Located in Media / Infectious disease / Myxomatosis
Located in Media / Infectious disease
Image SIS package Myxomatosis in a case that recovered
This image shows a rabbit with myxomatosis. He was lucky to make a full recovery. About three weeks after the photo was taken, the lesions slowly started to dry out and drop off leaving scars on the eyelids and nose.
Located in Media / Skin disease
Image JPEG image Myxomatosis survivor
This wild rabbit was nursed through myxomatosis. The damage to his ears was due to fighting. The necrotic scabs around his ears, eyes and nostrils were coming away.
Located in Media / Skin disease