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Image JPEG image Plants in meadow hay
This picture shows the plants that are present in a North Yorkshire meadow that is about to be cut for hay. There are a variety of grass, plantain, red and white clover plus a few buttercups.
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Plants and vegetables as rabbit food
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File text/texmacs Recommended diet for adult rabbits
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Image Eating grass
This rabbit suffered from problems with her cheek teeth. Eating hay was difficult but she enjoyed grazing and could manage to eat grass without problems.
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Image Baby rabbit eating grass
Although it is often recommended that young rabbits should not eat any leafy green foods until they are 6 months old, the advice doesn't make sense. It may apply to rabbits kept in crowded conditions with a low fibre diet and many environmental pathogens but for rabbits with access to leafy green plants, it does not apply. Wild rabbits start to eat grass and other plants as soon as they emerge from the nest.
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Image text/texmacs Eating freshly picked plants
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Image Watercress (11 bags)
Watercress is often considered to be a high calcium food. The calcium content is 1.2% but 95% of watercress is water. so a rabbit would have to eat approximately 830g to to ingest the recommended daily allowance of 500g. This equates to just 11 bags of watercress from the supermarket.
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Image C header Spinach 630g
Although spinach is rich in calcium, it is also mostly water. A rabbit would have to eat about 630g i.e 2-3 bags of spinach from the supermarket to ingest 500mg calcium.
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Image ECMAScript program Muesli with less flakes
This brand of muesli mix has a lot of extrusions in it but also contains a lot of flaked maize and peas. These are the palatable components that are deficient in calcium. The content and analysis if the extrusions is not supplied by the manufacturer. Whole wheat kernels have been added to the mixture and will increase the fibre analysis because of the husk. However, most rabbits leave wheat kernels uneaten.
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Image ECMAScript program Muesli mix with lots of flakes
This brand of muesli has a few pellets and extruded nuggets and is mainly composed of flaked cereals. This mixture is very likely to induce dental disease and obesity.
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